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Bifurcation and Timelines

Bifurcation and Timelines

Bifurcation is when something divides.  Spiritually speaking it refers to the split of timelines between the real, organic, and nourishing; and the artificial, parasite filled system of control.

We can see this happening right before our eyes, but all who see aren't really seeing. For example, there are some who navigated the manufactured health crisis full of heart and love; while others navigated it with fear. (To be clear, just because there was a health crisis, it doesn't mean it was natural. Or in other words, it doesn't mean that it was not planned to be so.)

The world is full of sickness, poverty, and suffering. Governments can't seem to work together to solve these things. There are few attempts for true harmony because war is what rules. But all of a sudden, the whole world is in agreement that our lives were in danger, breathing oxygen was a public health risk, and we all needed to be confined, muzzled, and possibly unable to sustain our livelihoods in the name of "safety".  We can't agree to live in peace and prosperity; but we can agree to live in terror and subjugation? Does that make sense?

Yet if you point this out to someone who sees but does not see - the fear and robotic rhetoric takes over as they accuse you of either lacking compassion for their grandmother, or lacking intelligence for not repeating the approved narrative.

Families destroyed, friendships burned in flames, consent to give up sovereignty given - all in the name of "safety". In the background stage two was coming forth as people were first encouraged, then threatened, to risk their physical health in the form of injections.

Now we are at the point of moving through this energy as we deal with the fallout and restructuring. But, are we moving into creating a world that we actually want to live in, or are we clinging to fear-based programming. Are we moving towards greater freedom and beauty? Or are we moving towards technocratic totalitarianism? That's a choice that we all have to make for ourselves.

But if you are one who sees and "sees" then know that you aren't alone. I'm sorry if you've lost family members or friendships because of choices, circumstances, or differences in opinions. I am sorry if you've been made to feel like an outcast, if you feel lonely, or unloved. Know that you are stronger than you think and that you are truly loved, accepted, and appreciated in the light. God is love, and there's nothing religious about that. Love is the true nature of God and that's something we've been deprived of on Earth. But now is our time of reclamation.

Reclaiming truth.

Reclaiming liberty.

Reclaiming unity.

Reclaiming all that we are as Divine beings walking on an Earth that is undergoing great changes.

It's up to us to decide which side of those changes we are going to be on - truth, unity, and harmonious collaborations; or deceptions, strife, and endless competition.

May you search the deepest depths of your heart in order to find your inner truth.

Imposter Spirits

All you do is tell lies.

But all is well, watch me rise.

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