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How to Recognize Spiritual Possession

Many people walk around in some state of possession.
How to Recognize Spiritual Possession

Being possessed by an external energy is a common state. Many people walk around in some state of possession and it’s nothing to be ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid about.

Witnessing these things presents an opportunity to increase our awareness so that we are proclaiming energetic sovereignty. The more knowledge we have, the more we are able to make better choices.

One thing to note is that possession doesn’t have to present itself as some dramatic supernatural event – but it certainly can. However, sometimes possession looks like a loving and kind child who sometimes gets into moods where they viciously destroy things, make a horrible mess, or start lamenting about suicide.

Sometimes possession looks like someone you know to be calm and level-headed. However, one day they disagree with you, and they turn into different person who is very aggressive, hostile, and perhaps violent.

On Earth we can attribute these things to being a part of someone's personality, or being "just the way they are", but there's often much more going on.

Entity possession, implants, ancestral attachments and technological mind control is the terrain that we face. We cannot solve problems without knowing what the problems are.

Signs of spiritual attachments

A very sensitive person who has chronic stomach pains or digestive issues.

A person who has not been abused, but they have cuts and bruises on their body which can't be explained.

Extreme addictions or obsessions such as hoarding until the house is full, addiction to substances that the person cannot heal from, etc.

A persons eyes change and appear to be mostly black.

A person tells you that they "blacked out" during an argument or conversation.

A person tells you that they've been taken over by someone or something else.

You can see that a person has been taken over by something because they are in an unexplainable state of tantrum or hysterics.

A person commits a mass act of violence.

Just because someone shows signs of having spiritual attachments, it doesn't mean that these attachments are always actively operating the person. There are states of full possession, partial possession, and possession that comes and goes. But whatever the case is, there is nothing to fear or to be ashamed of. These signs just mean that there is work to do. That's why we are here at this time - to do the work.

I like to give options, but truly the only solution is spiritual deliverance. How that happens is another matter, yet here are some things you can do to empower yourself.

  • Strengthen your energetic shield. If you don't know how to do this, it's easy to learn.
  • Young living purification oil is something that people have had success with. I've had a moderate amount of success with using this to calm the energetic environment around me.
  • Burning sage is another tool that people use. If you walk around your house burning it counterclockwise, it can help. If you have good inner vision, you don't have to physically do this.
  • Australian Bush Space Clearing Essence is something that I cannot recommend enough. It helps me to command my space, and I've seen ward off aggressive entities. In my experience this is very potent and worth having on hand.
  • Black obsidian, black tourmaline, and selenite can be programmed to repel entities and psychic attacks.
  • Leaning how to open transit vortex  in your home and working with it on a regular basis is very necessary.
  • Getting help from someone with experience when you need it is always recommended.

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