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Loneliness During the Holidays

A lot of people experience anxiety, stress, loneliness, or overwhelm during the holiday season. There is a lot of pressure to "do this" or "be that" and it doesn't always align to where everyone is in life.

Yet no matter what our circumstances are, we are never truly alone. The emotions we feel have been felt by many, and will continue to be for a point in time because we are all one. Yet that's not always comforting on a personal level when we are experiencing some sort of discomfort that we want to rid ourselves of.

It is in those moments where we must look deep inside of ourselves to get to know the truth in our hearts. Who are we really? Why are we here? What gifts and wisdom do we have to share with ourselves? What gifts and wisdom do we have to share with others? That is the key to unlocking the strength and determination to get through whatever circumstances that we are facing.

Here is my offering to help bring a sense of inner peace, calm, and fortitude wherever it is needed. May peace be with your heart, mind, soul, and spirit.

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