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The Key to Self Discovery

The Key to Self Discovery

I feel like 2023 is a year for self-discovery. It’s the year to really discover who we are and what we are about. This is not always easy. Many of us will find situations, circumstances, and people being removed from our lives- if it hasn’t already happened.

We might have to make adjustments that are uncomfortable. We might have to review past decisions that maybe didn’t work, so that we can learn from them. But on the other side of all of this is the potential for so much beauty, light, and harmony. Yet many of us will have to walk through what is unpleasant in order to get to more peaceful waters. Let us power up our inner strength and do so with bravery.

Let’s make this a year for truth. Let’s be true to ourselves and our loving hearts. Let’s seek truth in everything.

We live in a world of smoke and mirrors,  and as that smoke gets blown away and the mirrors get removed all that is going to be left is truth – are we prepared for that? Do we want pretty lies or are we strong enough to face the ugly truth? The answer will be different for everyone. May you find the answer that resonates with your true nature.

This is just what’s on my heart today. Let 2023 be the year for truth.

And so it is.

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